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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world." – Dr. Maria Montessori

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School Reopens

June 8

Creating and maintaining a space that is as safe as possible is critical, especially for our staff whose work puts them inherently at a greater risk. I have also heard from parents who want to ensure that the risk they take in reentering this space will be as minimal as it can be. We love and miss each of your children, and know that despite our best efforts, we will be exposed to one another’s germs to some degree. In light of this, we will be asking for your utmost care, caution, and strict adherence to the recommendations from health experts. This means:

  • The whole family unit will be responsibly physically distancing from others,
  • Trips out of the home and into public spaces will be limited to only essential needs, as in the Stay at Home order,
  • Everyone over 2 years will be wearing masks in public spaces or when physical distancing is not possible.

If you have not already begun the conversation with your children about distancing, masks, and hand hygiene, now is the time to be normalizing those things at home so that they will be more successful here. Please help children understand the importance and become comfortable with wearing or seeing caregivers wear masks. Feel free to refer to these social stories, shared on our Google Drive: Mask Social Story, and Mask and Gloves Social Story.

We will share our full plan with you once it is complete, but here is some basic information:

  • Drop-off and Pick-up: Parents will not enter the building, health screenings will be done at arrival and dismissal as well as other times of the day as needed.
  • Our Illness Exclusion policies for both children and staff will be more stringent and will be diligently enforced.
  • Hand washing procedures will increase.
  • Staff will be wearing masks on site except for in certain situations, children over 2 will also be encouraged (but not required) to do so.
  • Group sizes will be limited, and groups will be kept separated from one another.
  • Social distancing measures will be taken within the classrooms and common areas of the school, for children and adults.
  • We will have new procedures around eating, drinking, and dishwashing.
  • We will continue our increased schedule of cleaning and disinfecting, and we are looking at options for weekly Electrostatic fog cleaning.
  • Our hours will be slightly limited on both ends of the day to allow for adequate time to clean and disinfect (likely 8:30-5:00pm).

Finally, all families who return must sign a waiver. This will serve as a liability waiver around the risk associated with COVID-19, but also as a written agreement to adhere to all of the health guidance and recommendations for the protection of all staff and families. Please take some time to look it over, and make sure that all adults in your family unit also understand and agree. We will ask for these to be signed upon your return, so it is not necessary to do so right away.  You can find the waiver here.

More complete information will be forthcoming as soon as possible. Thank you very much and please reach out with any questions or if you have need for clarification.