Waiting Pool

If our classrooms are fully enrolled, we will place your child’s name in our Waiting Pool. Once an opening becomes available, Cathedral Hill Montessori School admits new children from our Waiting Pool, rather than on a first-come first-serve basis. We make every effort to balance our classrooms according to the Montessori method, as we seek to evaluate the best fit for each community and its needs. To be placed in our Waiting Pool, families must first visit CHMS and submit an Application 2020-2021.

Toddler Community openings may become available at any given time during the school year, as children transitioning up into the Children’s House once developmentally ready, and not by any predetermined age. Families interested in our Toddler Community are encouraged to apply early as early as possible, as preference will be given to children under 24 months of age. We also prioritize enrollment for siblings of children currently attending CHMS.

Children’s House students are often admitted before the start of a new school year each September, but openings may be available throughout the school year. Families in our Toddler Community Waiting Pool are encouraged to re-apply for the Children’s House by submitting a new application. Generally, our school has more availability to begin in one of our two Children’s House communities.

When an opening becomes available, families in our Waiting Pool will be contacted. We may ask you to come for a second visit with your child as we seek to determine the best fit for our vacancy. Once accepted, you will be offered a Letter of Acceptance and our complete enrollment materials. Upon receiving a signed Enrollment Contract and Commitment Deposit, your child’s place will be held and the first day of school will be established.