About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, beautiful and authentic Montessori learning environment; to serve an inclusive community of multicultural and economically diverse families; and to support children in becoming confident, independent, and compassionate members of society.  Here’s a little more about us:

The History of Cathedral Hill Montessori School

Cathedral Hill Montessori School opened its doors in 2011 in the beautiful and historic Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul. Its founders, Whitney and Andrew Blessing, worked to restore a lovely Victorian mansion and former boarding school on the property to a bed and breakfast and Cathedral Hill Montessori School. The school opened with two classrooms, a Toddler Community and a Children’s House, and has grown to include a Children’s House.

In the 2018-2019 school year, CHMS widened the scope of its mission to include concerted efforts toward increased accessibility, diversity, inclusivity, and equity. We recognize that this will be a lifelong endeavor that will transform the nature of our operations and community over time. We have monumental work to do in order to prepare to welcome a population of greater racial, ethnic, and economic diversity, and we started with the establishment of our 4-Star Parent Aware rating and registration with Ramsey County Child Care Assistance program. We increased professional development efforts to prepare our staff with Anti-Racist/Anti-Bias education, trauma-informed care, and understanding learning differences and how to support them. Continuing that work, our next efforts will revolve around the formation of our Equity/Justice group as a standing committee of the board, staff and families, as well as more community outreach than ever before.

Cathedral Hill Montessori School is a nonprofit organization with 501c(3) status. If you would like more information on how to volunteer or make donations toward our effort to bring quality Montessori early childhood education to the community, please contact us at 651-222-1555, email us at , or click here to learn about other ways to give or participate.


Cathedral Hill Montessori School is associated with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and AMI/USA, an approved accrediting agency, as of the Spring of 2012. A school accredited through AMI offers credibility to their status within the educational community as a whole, as well as within the Montessori community. An AMI school confirms a commitment of Montessori principles put faithfully into practice and an assurance that a quality of standard is maintained. CHMS is one of only 12 schools in Minnesota to earn this high distinction of quality Montessori education! For a complete list, please visit the AMI-USA website.

About AMI

AMI was formed in 1929 by Dr. Montessori to insure that her method and approach to education would be carried on as she intended. A school or teacher training program that carries the AMI name is continuing the tradition of quality first established by Dr. Montessori, a tradition that incorporates standards based directly on Dr. Montessori’s work. To learn more about the standards of an AMI accredited-school, visit AMI School Standards and download the full list.

It is worth noting that other organizations concerned with Montessori education and teacher training programs, such as the American Montessori Society (AMS) were established posthumously and designed to be distinct from the Montessori method that Dr. Montessori originally envisioned.