Cathedral Hill Montessori School

"A person is what he is, not because of the teachers he has had, but as a result of that which he has done for himself."
– Dr. Maria Montessori

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From Google Reviews:

Becky, Toddler Community parent:

Wow! What a school! We are so thankful to have found and enrolled our 2 year old at such a top notch, quality Montessori program. When I pick my son up he is literally beaming. The Head of School & owner, Whitney, is amazing. She has been nothing but gracious and attentive regarding every single detail. The guides in our son’s class, Juli and Clara, are loving, thoughtful, and exceptional with children. We are very lucky. We love CHMS.

Aaron, Lake Country School, Montessori teacher:

Cathedral Hill Montessori School is truly an amazing place. The staff is incredible, and the space is beautiful. I was delighted at the care and detail that was so clearly given to each area of the school. As a Montessorian myself, I know a quality program when I see it and Cathedral Hill has obviously made every effort to create one of the best Montessori schools in the region.

Cheryl, a parent and friend:

Cathedral Hill Montessori has so much so offer. It has highly trained instructors in a clean and bright architecturally stimulating school. Behind the scenes, it is a family run not-for-profit. What a great balance between the structure of a larger school and the personal commitment of a smaller pre-school. When we visited, we were very impressed by the beautiful school. My son loved the classrooms. The combination of open space, natural light, modern aesthetic and the park-like setting seems perfectly designed to activate young learners.

Erin, a parent and former CHMS board president:

I am so impressed with Cathedral Hill Montessori school! The materials, design and construction are such high-quality. It’s obvious there was no expense spared in building it out and every aspect from the mini front door, to the mini-handrails is child-centric. The staff and owners are some of the loveliest and most genuine people I’ve ever met!

Bethany, Children’s House parent and friend:

We’re so excited to have B here! It will be the perfect environment for her — she’s ready for more than she just gets from daycare, but the environment is still warm and welcoming.

Laura & Virginia, Toddler Community parents:

Our daughter joined the toddler community at Cathedral Hill Montessori just a few months after the school opened its doors.  Being part of a new Montessori community has its benefits.  Getting in on the ground floor is allowing us an opportunity to build something wonderful, together.  We are appreciative of the teachers’ and head of school’s receptiveness to our suggestions.  The staff has frequently asked the parent community for their feedback and has incorporated our ideas into the school and classroom.

In her first three months at CHMS our daughter has developed many new skills.  Under the nurturing guidance of her teachers, our daughter has learned to care for herself (working on potty training, dressing, and snack preparation and clean-up). She thrives on the socialization that the Montessori community provides.  She helps her fellow students and learns from them at the same time.  Since our daughter started at CHMS we have enjoyed the increasing frequency of her proud exclamation, “I did it!”

What does Montessori mean to you?

Trust in the Child, Love of Learning, Real Life made Play, Art, Sand, Music, Exposure to different materials, Experiences at the pace of the child. I love Montessori education. I love the teachers that connect and can meet each child where they are at and trust them still.

– Stacey Cordes, Montessori parent